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Polos Ambula – Young Jack Fruit black Curry

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Polos Ambula – Young Jack Fruit black Curry

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Young Jack Fruit Black Curry, well known as Polos Ambula is another traditional dish of sri lanka. This is used as a substitute dish of meat which is enjoyed in our meals from young to old.
Our farmers in the fields wait for their wives to bring their lunch to them, that contains this polos Ambula – Young Jack Black Fruit Curry with rice. This is another slow food preparation that needs 2 hours of cooking on low fire.
This dish is prepared at times for special events in order to keep our cooking traditions alive. I have added Sri Lankan spices and roasted masala powder in this famous mouth watering polos ambula.
I introduce this dish to you now and invite you to try this at your homes.
And i warmly invite everyone around the world to visit our little pearl and enjoy our great hospitality with amazing food.


  • 500 g polos

  • 25 g red onions

  • 3 to 4 green chillies

  • 3 tsp powdered maldive fish

  • 25 g chopped garlic and ginger

  • rampe and karapincha

  • roasted chilly powder

  • 2 tsp roasted curry powder

  • salt and few pieces of goraka

  • 4 cups of thick coconut milk


  • peel the polos and cut in to pieces.
  • Then mix the cut pieces with and goraka. Temper with oil chopped garlic, ginger,red onions, green chillies, Maldive fish and all roasted powder.
  • Then add the pieces of polos in to it and mix well. Add 4 cups of thick coconut milk and cook on slow fire. Keep it over night
  • if stored in correct manner this dish last longer as to 5 days. Ideal to cook in a clay pot.
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