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The Happiest Man Alive: WV Sugathapala

There must not have big things to be happy. . .
Happiness could be arisen with even a little thing and it depends on the individuals who is choosen to be happy. . .
Such happiness has no boundaries. . . .

Happiest Man Alive – Meet WV Sugathapala, a random and chance encounter we had while stopped at a small bakery 80km south of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Despite living in poverty and being confronted by a world of problems, his life is simple, beautiful and full of smiles. But it is the why and how that will startle you. Enjoy! And please if you like this humble security guard’s moves and message then share them and help us get Sugathapala recognized as an officially tourist attraction in Sri Lanka.

Source : http://www.facebook.com/amillionsmilesmovie



  1. Thanks for profiling him – happy to share because i got happy watching this. Lovely to see someone from my home sweet home being recognized in this very sweet way.


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