Monday, June 5, 2023


Kohila Curry


A very popular Sri Lankan breakfast dish which originated from India. Served with warm thick coconut milk traditionally as an accompaniment to the dish, is now substituted with curry and Katta Sambol. This is a steamed dish with rice flour...

Padmavati, the Sinhala princess who broke records in India

The movie Padmavati, based on a semi-mythical Sinhala princess, who married an Indian king, has already done what once appeared to be impossible. It got India’s most popular classical movie director, the much respected, Sanjay Leela Bhansali of Devdas fame...

Gigantic Buddha statue on Mars ~ Metro News

From Metro News UK, A GIGANTIC BUDDHA STATUE SEEN ON MARS ‘PROVES THAT INTELLIGENT LIFE ONCE EXISTED THERE,’ ACCORDING TO UFO HUNTERS. Not only that, but the Martians seem to have been well down the path to Nirvana – and may...
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Why you’ll lose weight in Sri Lanka but not Borneo in gravity study : Nasa reveals

Weight gain is a common complaint of holidaymakers. According to Nasa choosing a different destination could make a difference...
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