Friday, July 12, 2024


Sri Lankan Comedy Singer Sandaru Sathsara Makes Waves in Global Top 100 Rankings

Renowned for his unique comedic singing style, Sandaru Sathsara, the sensation from Sri Lanka, has accomplished an impressive feat by securing a position among the world's Top 100 comedy artists, as per the latest rankings from Chartmetric. Chartmetric, a...

Things Sri Lankan girls do when they get bored at home

Colombo Clique made a hilarious video about the things Sri Lankan girls do when they get bored at home. Video Ft. Saasha Karunarathne. Colombo Clique is an independent Video Production company inspired to make videos by Buzzfeed Videos. The Colombo...
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The Double Sunrise: Koggala, Catalinas, and World War II’s Longest Flight

Meet the ‘Double Sunrise’ flight, the record-holder for the longest commercial flight in history! 😳 Back in 1943, this...
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