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Chili Pepper (Rathu Kochchi)

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Chili pepper is the spicy fruit of plants in the genus Capsicum; sometimes spelled chilli in the UK and chile in the Southwestern US. In the world is one of the most well known aroma and it’s consumed as powder or in several kinda sauces (enchilada sauces, Szechuan sauce and others) .Chili is famous due to the meat and chili recipe of tex mex cuisine: in the XIX century in S.Antonio, Texas, so called reins del chili (queens of chili) sold it in the road. The mexican cuisine could be considered the kingdom of chilli. Other famous dishes are chili con queso (or just queso), a cheese sauce or dip with chopped green chiles, and Cincinnati chili, a stew resembling chili with meat, usually served over pasta and hot dogs. The hot pepper was used as food since ancient times. From the testimony of archeology we know that as early as 5500 BC was known in Mexico, present in areas such as crop, and was the only spice used by Indians of Chile and Mexico. In Europe, the chili pepper arrived with Christopher Columbus who brought the Americas with his second voyage in 1493 (probably variety Scotch Bonnet or Habanero). The name by which he was called to the New World in the Nahuatl language was “chili”, and has remained in the English language and in the names of some varieties, such as the Chiltepin, C. annuum var. aviculare, derived from nauhatl chilitecpintl or chili flea, for the size and fiercely spicy taste. The Chiltepin is considered the ancestor of all other species. The capsicum is a perennial shrub that short-lived, under unfavorable climate, is grown as an annual. Today chili is an important ingredient in the modern world cuisine.

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