THUNDENEK | Her. Him. The Other


Three Sri Lankan filmmakers renowned for their internationally acclaimed films based on the Sri Lankan civil war, join in to make one film to express their views on post-war reality. The war between Tamil militants and government forces of Sri Lanka lasted for three decades. Thousands from both parties, combatants and civilians died due to the battle. The government forces crushed Tamil militants in May 2009. It’s time to assess each other’s conscience. He (an ex-militant videographer for the LTTE) travels from the North in search of HER (a young widow of a government army soldier) in the South to find relief from the pain that disturbed his conscience. Having been raised in a religion that has faith in reincarnation, he (a Sinhala language teacher) tries to deceive his own conscience by refusing to believe the re-birth of a Tamil militant into a Sinhala family witnessed by HIM with his own eyes. One’s hero is THE OTHER’s traitor. But a mother will lose a son in a war. How many wars must a man live through before he feels the suffering of THE OTHER?

HER. HIM. THE OTHER – තුන්දෙනෙක් – மூவர்