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How the business process to be improved by BPR?

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Business process reengineering is an elemental rethinking and diametrical improvement of the business process in order to achieve certain galls like cost, service, quality and speed. Business process reengineering help to achieve established outcome of business. BPR is about bringing radical (major) change to provide satisfaction to customers, to achieve competitive advantage. Basically a business process divides in to three main categories like operational, managerial and support. Business process can be improved by performing current process. Operational category act as main category. Under operational category purchasing, marketing, manufacturing and order processing are running. Strategy and direction are running under managerial category and IT, finance and human resource sections are running under support category.

Business process reengineering techniques mainly apply to organizations/companies because of high operational cost of them, law quality products offered to customers, high bottleneck among business process, poor performance of governing bodies like directors managers or for full fill the customer satisfaction. Business process reengineering can be done by adding value to existing business process. For high performance need to improvements of cost, quality, service and speed of the organization. Cost and cycle time should be less and quality and service should be high for better performance. In organizations business process reengineering changes can be done with several changes, like work units change from functional teams to process units. Capacity of job changing from simple to multidimensional, by changing people roles from controlled to empowered, by job preparation change and by values change from projective to productive like that. Mainly in organization, Business process reengineering changes can be occurred by changes of formal structure of business, work process of business, beliefs of employees and social relationships of organization. Formal structure of business should be changed by better commanding. Work process can be changed by apply better engineering techniques. Beliefs of employees can be changed by teaching and social relationship can be changed by socializing them.

Business process reengineering gain various benefits to organizations in which it was implemented. Performance of organization or company should be improved according to it. After applying better reengineering techniques the flexibility and adaptability of management going to be increased. Employees of organization have to understand every step of the organizational process and should have full control of the whole process. Any problem can have to solve now. As a result organization can produce better product than before. It saves the company which is running at loss.

By controlling all the process under strict control company can gain high quality production from their employees. Also proper management gain less cycle time for different process of production. It helps to improve efficiency among entire production line. This helps to improve employee motivation and their performance. Better environment for employee gain better satisfaction .Also high flexibility helps to make a better environment to employee to work. Quick delivery of product and high efficiency of production process are cause to reduce production cost. The dramatic improvements of leaderships gain better innovation to provide better advantage.

By Roshan Vishwajith

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