Saturday, December 2, 2023

Pineapple (Anansi)

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Pineapple (Annasi) is one of our topical fruits.This is a sweet and sour fruit. In Sri Lanka pineapple is sold on the road sides as a snack with salt,chilli,pepper sprinkled on top, they are sold in whole or in halves.

The ripe fruit is used in fruit salads, and this fruit is used in jam..sweets and ice cream. Pineapple is used in many savory dishes such as hamburgers or in pizza toppings. The pineapple juice is served as a beverage and used as a main ingredient in some cocktails.

The Raw fruit is used in pickles and in curries in Ashia.

The Sri Lankan pineapple has a unique taste.,,a sweet and sour.

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