Banana Blossom/Flower (Kesel Muwa)

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Banana Blossom/ Flower (Kesel Muwa)

banana flower is also known as a banana blossom or heart,. My preliminary research told me that it’s an ingredient commonly used in Sri lankan and Thai cooking. It can be eaten raw or cooked, and it happens to be a great source of vitamins A and C. Banana flower also happens to be a common ingredient in Ayurvedic cooking, and it’s believed to help heal menstrual pain

As the outer leaves, or bracts, are pulled back, a row of long, black buds reveal themselves. I almost screamed after peeling back the first bract, because the buds were completely bizarre and off-putting. But the fact that those buds actually turn into bananas put me at ease. Once I pulled off enough bracts, I was left with a tender white heart, ready to be sliced up. To find out what I did with this strange ingredient, keep reading.

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