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Start to listen Sinhala novels with “Lisn”

Lisn, The Sri Lanka’s first Mobile Audio-book App is now available in google play store. with over 20 of downloadable Sinhala novels in audio-book format.


Download “Lisn” from Google Play Store


You can listen to the “Gamperaliya” Audiobook preview from below video.


The Lisn, able to achieved grate success at Venture Engine 2015 by making it to the top 3 start-ups of the year.


Start to listen Sinhala novels with "Lisn"
From left: Orion City CEO Jeevan Gnanam, ExpoLanka Group CEO Hanif Yousuf and Dialog Enterprise Group Chief Officer Jeremy Huxtable with Buddika Witharana and Shanaka Mendis of Infocom International, Lisn, Audio books – See more at: http://www.ft.lk/



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