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A Free Degree in Computer Science or Management ?

Do you want to earn a free degree in Computer Science or Management?

Did we say FREE ?


CourseBuffet is offering a wide range of online college courses for free.

With CourseBuffet, you can start a complete bachelor’s degree program from the comfort of your own laptop, at home.

And It’s completely free and currently offers two degree paths: computer science and management. A third offering, finance, is planned.


Visit : CourseBuffet.com

A Free Degree in Computer Science or Management ?


What is CourseBuffet all about?

CourseBuffet helps you find courses for subjects you want to learn, enable you to compare those choices easily and pick the best one for you, and create a learning path. They have list all the courses from Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) such as Coursera, Udacity, edX, etc, and also other providers such as the OpenCourseWare consortium, Saylor, and others, over 500 courses listed.

Subject Areas :  https://www.coursebuffet.com/areas

All Universities : https://www.coursebuffet.com/universities

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