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According to Matthew | Trailer

According to Mathew is an upcoming film directed by Chandran Rutnam. It is a romance, crime and thriller film based on the crimes of Father Mathew Pieris, Anglican priest of the Church of St Paul the Apostle, Kynsey Road,...

Mage Sanda Awith – Victor Rathnayaka

Victor Rathnayaka – Mage Sanda Awith (වික්ටර් රත්නායක – මගේ සඳ ඇවිත්) මගේ සඳ ඇවිත්කොඳ කැකුළු තරු ද සතපාරැයෙහි කොපුල් රහසින් සිඹහිරු දිළෙනා මද්දහනේමගේ සඳ ඇවිත් වදුලූ කොනක සිත සඟවාදියට බැස නෙළුම් සිඹිනාබිඟු රැවටූ මා බලන්නමගේ සඳ ඇවිත් දෙවමින් දිවයුරුට නිගාදේදුන්නක පෙම...

RIP Ranjit Singh (Albert Moses)

Albert Moses – ‘Ranjeet Singh’ of Mind Your Language fame laid to rest today Sri Lankan born actor Albert Moses who became famous for his character Ranjeet Singh, a Sikh from Punjab (‘A THOUSAND APOLOGIES’) in the ITV sitcom Mind...

Kuweni (කුවේණී) – Ridma Weerawardena

Kuweni (කුවේණී) – Ridma Weerawardena ft. Dinupa Kodagoda | Charitha Attalage Kuweni (කුවේණී) Vocals – Ridma Weerawardena / Dinupa Kodagoda Music & Melody – Charitha Attalage Lyrics – Chandrasena Thalangama Mixing & Mastering – Charitha Attalage Director – Baratha Gihan Hettiarachchi Director...

Rumassala – TV Series

Rumassala – The new TV series directed by Boodee Keerthisena

“Tharu Muthu Dilisena” – Keerthi Pasquel

“Tharu Muthu Dilisena” – “තරු මුතු දිලිසෙන”Artist : Keerthi PasquelLyrics : Aruna BalasuriyaMusic : Darshana WickramatungaRecorded Mixed & Mastered by Sandaru Gamage @ Sage Studio

Kumar Sangakkara as a Bowler

Have you ever noticed Kumar Sangakkara is batting left-handed and bowling right-arm? Rare videos of Kumar Sangakkara as a bowler in international cricket. Sanga bowling against New Zealand back in 2005 Sanga bowling during the 2nd Test against Pakistan


The name “chickpea” traces back through the French chiche to cicer, Latin for ‘chickpea’,chickpeas have been found in the aceramic levels,The plant grows to between 20–50 cm (8–20 inches) high and has small feathery leaves on either side of the stem. There are two main kinds of chickpea: 1.Desi, which has...

Dhal (Parippu)

Dhal also spelled “Dal” or Daal” is called “Parippu” in Tamil language. A preparation of pulses which is stripped of their outer hulls and split.An important part of Indian, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri lankan, West Indian & Bangladesh cuisine. Regularly eaten with rice &...

Avocado (Ali-gata Pera)

This fruit originates from the state of “Puebla” Mexico. An undomesticated variety of fruit is small with dark green skin and contains a seed inside.This is a climacteric fruit, which means it matures on the tree. Avocado contains a...

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